Friday, March 14, 2008

Back on the chain gang

I have not posted in awhile. It has been over a month since getting off the plane in the "Valley of the Sun."Alot has been going on and yet all is the same. We are living in suburban Phoenix. It reminds me of times of the Coen brothers film "Raising Arizona." All the wildness, trucks, desert, and characters of people.

I am trying to transition back into American life. I find this action quite daunting. We went to the doctor who greeted us with a handshake. In Argentina, we were always met with a kiss on the cheek. Phoenix is spread out whereas Buenos Aires is densely populated. There are so many differences.

In the USA, people are so busy especially with their careers. I often hear people are just too busy to schedule a coffee until the weekend! I cannot imagine this happening in Argentina. La Dulce Vida! In Argentina, Merienda or tea time is a set aside time during the day. I digress. I am onto the brain twisting job of putting a CV or resume together. I have not begun to tackle my jobs in Buenos Aires, which were running my own businesses. I find putting together a resume, contacting references and figuring out what to do for dinero is really a job. Its definately not as glamorous as sitting in San Telmo eating medialunas (Argentine croissant) and drinking cafe con leche.
Chau until next time.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York