Friday, August 29, 2008


Its been over 2 weeks since Leo entered the world. In those 2 weeks he has done the following:
1. Brit milah ( We took no photos at this ceremony)
2. Sponge bath (until the umbilical cord falls out)
3. Pediatrician visit (Leo received HIGH MARKS!!!)
4. Had photos taken at the American institution "Babies R Us" (Leo slept through his first professional photo shoot but clearly does not buy into the American consumerism as he was very upset when he woke up and realized where he was)
5. Taken longs walks in his stroller (before the temperature reaches 100 F and higher)

We hired post partum doulas Jeanette who comes 3 time a week and Katie comes the other two days. The word "doula" is derived from Greek and literally means "woman servant." A post partum doula mothers the mother. I have found I needed this support especially after a C-section. I have slowed down considerably, no more doing 2 or more activities at once. Jeanette has been advising me on breastfeeding and lactation.

Maximo has returned to the "real world" aka his job. He has been communicating with his father in Argentina via a Nextel radio phone. Abuelo Andres is very proud and we hope to go down to Argentina before Leo's first birthday.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Son of Illegal Immigrants wins Olympic Medal

In between Leo's feedings and changings and an attempt to sleep, I am catching up on the news. I came across a post on my favorite blog from LA Times writer, Deborah Bonello. Her blog is "La Plaza." Attached is the link to the article about an American athlete (wrestler), son of illegal immigrants who won an Olympic medal for Team USA. I found the story very inspiring.
Here is the link:,0,3864343.column

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bienviendos Leo Augustine!

Welcome Leo Augustine!
On Wed, I went to the OB/GYN and found out I had high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) which was shocking. Dr. Medchill (my OB) told me to go right to OB/GYN triage. I did not think I would be going into labor a week early. They tried inducing me for over 24 hours but Leo did not want to budge. I had to have a C-section and Maximo was right by my side holding my hand. (see photo above with Max in scrubs)

On Thursday, Aug. 14 th at 8:00 pm, we welcomed Leo Augustine Piccione into the world. He weighed 6lbs and 8 ozs. A little bit about his name, Leo is after my late grandfather, Louis and Augustine is for Maximo's late mother, Ana Lidia. Leo is a joy, its been quite a ride to get here and I am amazed, happy, tired and a mom!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Simulated Border Crossing ?

Now, that I am "in waiting" and meant to be off my feet I have been spending too much time on facebook, its highly addictive. I came across a blog on my friend Mulu's profile called "La Plaza." Its a blog by a LA Times reporter on Latin American issues, mostly immigration. I came upon one article which was intriguing. Its about a simulated border crossing to give others the experience of what it is like for Mexicans and Central Americans to cross the border into the U.S. The article is titles "Illegal Border Crossing for Tourists" and at the bottom of the page there is a link to its facebook page. The link back to the LA Times page was no longer available.

Illegal border Crossing for Tourists
Gunshots ring out and sirens shriek, mixing with the ragged breath of muddy, panting humans. Suddenly, the full moon sweeping the ground like a searchlight reveals a disturbing scene: a group of illegal immigrants being handcuffed and led away by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

But the U.S. border is about 400 miles from this rugged municipal park in Hidalgo state, a three-hour drive north of Mexico City. The spectacle unfolding here isn't an actual border crossing attempt but a live simulation-adventure that attempts to give participants a taste of what it's like for the thousands of Mexican and other Latin American undocumented migrants trying to enter the promised land of el norte.

For more information about this article and a video accompanying it follow the link to:

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York