Sunday, August 30, 2009


Its been quite a trip to Buenos Aires.  Our "return" with Leo.  There has been so much going on I have just been too tired to sit down and write about it. I am going to cheat and list the highlights.  The photos will follow upon return to the USA.

1. 10 hours flying from Dallas to Buenos Aires
2.  I slept, Leo slept a bit and Max barely slept.
3. We met Valentina! That is Ambi and Hugh's 10 month old daughter.
4. We saw Cousin Rachel and 7 of her 9 children.  She graciously lent us a pack and play.
5 We bought eggs in the grocery store. Eggs are kept on shelves as opposed to a refrigerator.
6 We ate at 647 and caught up with the "gang"; Terry, Chris and Ana.
7 In the middle of the night, I threw up, followed by Leo and ultimately Maximo.
8. Luckily, Ambi had provided me in advance with a pediatrician's phone number.
9. Maximo called this doctor we had  never met at 4 am on doctor's cell phone. He instructed us what to do and he would see in the morning. I cannot imagine that same scenario in the USA! Calling my doctor or a pediatrician on his cellphone and at 4 am!
 10.I took Leo along with Ana and Terry (my personal translators) to see Dr. Guzman. A liquid diet was prescribed.
11.More sickness. Hugh sends over this babysitter Rosa to watch Leo. Finally, we all get some sleep.  Rosa makes us a feast of jello, white rice and pureed carrots.
12. Eventually the sickness passed and we explored BA. Max and I decided to only do things we had never done while living here.

Mas adelante.................

Monday, June 1, 2009

Feliz Cumple, Maximo

Argentine friends come to visit

Last week, i had among other things back surgery-to remove a very enlarged and herniated/protruding disk. Its a long story. It was very painful and nothing was working. I was overnight in the hospital, my first time away from Leo for 2 nights. I am happy to say the surgery was successful but it is a long road to recovery

On top of it, our friends Mulu, Massimo and their daughter Guilia were coming in from Houston. Mulu and I became fast friends in Buenos Aires after attending a horrid ex-pat meeting where everybody complained about Argentina. That was 4 years ago and we have been friends since. I digress. Massimo, originally from Italy a geological engineer was transferred from Buenos Aires to Houston, Texas. It is quite the culture shock.

We took them to the Desert Botanical Garden where there is the Chiluluy glass exhibit. Its fantastic and blends in with the desert scenery. We also discovered an Ethiopian resurant. Mulu was in 7th heaven. I was happy to find some ethnic food!

On Sunday, it was Maximo's birthday. We had 3 Italian/Argentines on the barbeque cooking up chirrasco steak "the right way." We topped off the celebration with a tres leches cake.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring Things and Argentine Visitors

This was taken at the train park in Chandler, AZ. It was Stori's 3rd birthday and also 106 degrees. Leo went through the sprinkler to cool down.
Max and Sebas (Stori's dad) barbequed for the kiddies. The birthday princess glowed over her beautifully designed cupcake tower cake.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Leo and I just returned from a week in Washington, DC. We went to see Aunt Unice
and Leo's big cousins David and Louis. We also had a drop in session at The Cheesecake Factory from Uncle Mike, Aunt Samantha and bigger cousins Grant and Brooke.

Maximo got to stay at home and go to work. He also did some make bonding with Abuelo Abe. Max as an Argentine is a huge fan of steak and chimichurri sauce. Foco do Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse opened up in Scottsdale. On Thursday night, Maximo, Abuelo Abe and Maximo's new bff, Muhammad Ali all had dinner together at said restaurant. Muhammad drew a picture for Leo and signed the back. (to be posted).

Leo and Muhammad are having a playdate soon, will keep you all posted.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York