Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Viaje a Nueva York

Maximo and I took probably one of our last trips (sans el bebe) to New York. It was very exciting as Maximo had never been to my hometown, the Big Apple. I admit I am prejuidiced and believe it is probably the greatest city in the world. Maximo was a high achieveing tourist, seeing in one day the 9/11 site, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and then up to the Empire State Building. At the Empire State Building, he had a "New York" moment and spotted Miss Mariah Carey.

His next day, my friend Dana graciously showed Maximo Central Park. He went on to the top of Rockefeller Center. Where was the I? I stayed behind with "mi pancita creciendo." As the pregnancy continues, I am more tired and less inclined to run all over the city. It was great seeing all of our friends. I am homesick already for New York. Who knows? Perhaps, we will return to NYC for good one day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Married and Deported with child

Yes, I or we are with "child" or "el bebe" as they say in Argentina. We expect welcoming our newest addition in August. There is a universal comment about having a baby in Arizona in August "it will be very hot!" I have not shared this news on my blog mostly because I did not think it had any relevance to Maximo's deportation and subsequent return to the USA. However, I realized after some thought that its important to share good news as well as the bad.

I spent my first tri-mester in Argentina. That was a trip! First, I suffered from the infamous morning sickness or more accurately "all day sickness." It was summer and it was unusually hot and humid in Buenos Aires. I went from a sort of cool temperature in the apartment to blinding heat in the street. The food that comforted me was challah bread (a childhood fave) that I got from various kosher bakeries. Second, as any pregnant woman will tell you my sense of smell was heightened. I got to endure the smell of parilla (Argentina barbecue). It was really not an enjoyable smell in my state. Third, its close to impossible to keep anything under wraps in a small ex-pat community, hence word was on the street in spite of any efforts to keep the news hidden.

Now, I am in my second tri-mester, exactly 23 weeks along and I feel significantly better. I enjoy eating again! I am definately not a pregnant vegetarian, that went out the window when I craved meat and Maximo happily obliged in cooking me steak! I crave deli sandwiches of turkey and coleslaw, sour pickles, babka and other childhood delicacies. I have a steady feast of bagels which I must have in the morning. I hear the ability to eat dies down in the next trimester as my ever growing child and stomach stretch and there is little room for food. My stomach or "pacita" is growing which looks close to a basketball shape.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York