Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This past weekend we went to San Diego. We got to see our friend, Katie who was back visting from Argentina. It was great to see her. She brought us a gift of mate, gourd and a bombilla. If you are a mate virgin, here is a brief description of the mate paraphenilia. Mate is made from "yerba mate" a kind of tea one drinks in Argentina, Uruguay and some other South American countries. The yerba is put in a gourd (a hollowed out kind of cup) and then sipped with a long spoon or bombilla. In general, people drink mate in a social circle but some like to drink it solo.

We enjoyed our mate on the beach. Que es vida! To drink mate by the Pacific Ocean. Katie took us for some of the best hamburgers in San Diego, an Ocean Beach tradition, at Hodad's. We each shared a burger with frings (french fries and onion rings). The restaurant is full of license plates with beach phrases like "surfin". There was a photo of Che on the wall, which means we are only just Six Degrees of Separation from Che.


The drive from Phoenix to San Diego was uneventful except for 2 U.S. Border Patrol stops going each way. (As a few highway exits in California lead to roads in Mexico). On I-8 West (where we drove) the road is cordoned off by barbed wire and there are cameras all over. Now that Maximo is legal is not an issue but I still get a reaction when I see "U.S. Border Patrol" signs. The Border guards waved us through going to San Diego. On the drive back, we had to roll down the window and answer whether or not we were U.S. citizens. Maximo answered "resident" and showed the guard his green card.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to School

Last week we started parenting classes through the Scottsdale Jewish Community Center. There are about 8 or 9 other couples, half of the class is composed of inter-faith marriages. Our first assignment was to describe our first "Jewish" memory. I recalled my brothers' bris (or circumscion) and how as a child we were not allowed in the same room. I also remembered my dislike of Hebrew school. I was joined by many others in the class who also disliked it. Our leader assured us that Hebrew school has improved greatly since we were "young."

This week, a moyel or the person who performs the circumscion came to our class. The moyel, Dr. Alan Singer is a pediatrician here in Phoenix. He performs about 300 cirmscions a year. There are very few moyels in Arizona. In addition, Dr. Singer does not charge for his services but asks that a donation be made to a Jewish charity. Maximo thinks Dr. Singer is so busy because "he is free." Dr. Singer had "buena onda" (good vibes in Spanish).

Dr. Singer also advised the class if you dont have health insurance it will cost about $2000 (US) to take care of your child. This is an unsettling fact after coming from Argentina where even without health insurance you will still be seen by a doctor. One can also pay for private health care, one of the premier plans is about $200 (US).

As we know in the US, its not so easy to obtain health insurance here. I am looking for health insurance policy for Maximo and its proving difficult. I am so frustrated by this process and I cannot even explain why an insurance company does not want to give somebody insurance. I reminded him that he did see the Michael Moore film Sicko. Yes, the insurance company wants to earn revenue but it still baffles me. I am trying to practice faith and patience in getting the "golden ticket" insurance.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alive and Kicking

"The baby's kick feels like a fish swimming" said the woman in my prenatal yoga class. Alas, at 23 weeks I did not think I had yet felt the baby. It turns out I was confusing digestion (literally a "fluttering" feeling in my stomach) with the baby's kicks. I am happy to report I am feeling the baby moving around on a daily basis. A new development is heartburn. I was warned about it but thought I would be free of it. NO. This is a very uncomfortable experience, thank god for TUMS.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York