Monday, June 1, 2009

Feliz Cumple, Maximo

Argentine friends come to visit

Last week, i had among other things back surgery-to remove a very enlarged and herniated/protruding disk. Its a long story. It was very painful and nothing was working. I was overnight in the hospital, my first time away from Leo for 2 nights. I am happy to say the surgery was successful but it is a long road to recovery

On top of it, our friends Mulu, Massimo and their daughter Guilia were coming in from Houston. Mulu and I became fast friends in Buenos Aires after attending a horrid ex-pat meeting where everybody complained about Argentina. That was 4 years ago and we have been friends since. I digress. Massimo, originally from Italy a geological engineer was transferred from Buenos Aires to Houston, Texas. It is quite the culture shock.

We took them to the Desert Botanical Garden where there is the Chiluluy glass exhibit. Its fantastic and blends in with the desert scenery. We also discovered an Ethiopian resurant. Mulu was in 7th heaven. I was happy to find some ethnic food!

On Sunday, it was Maximo's birthday. We had 3 Italian/Argentines on the barbeque cooking up chirrasco steak "the right way." We topped off the celebration with a tres leches cake.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York