Friday, November 21, 2008

The Little Boy Who Would not Sleep

Leo is 14 weeks. He is supposedly passed being "colichy." He is talking alot. Yesterday, I made a rolling "r" sound with my tongue touching the roof my mouth. Leo imitated the noise. It was the sweetest noise I ever heard. WHAT A GENUIS!

After his amazing sound imitation he fell asleep in the car ride to Tempe Town Lakes. We had a "playdate" with Jennifer and Stori. I met Jennifer through mutual friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a conicidence (or are there really coincidences?) that she was from Phoenix, AZ. She returned back to the states shortly after we arrived. I consider Stori a sort of "older" sister to Leo. She is 2 years older then him.

Leo slept through the entire playdate. I did not have to take him out of the car seat as he slept through everything. We met a friend for our lunch. At lunch, he woke up and fussed but went back to sleep. We got home and he woke up. Maximo arrived home and took him away so I could get out of the house alone. I realized that
a journey outside of the house alone is a gift.

I returned home only to have Leo asleep again. I knew he would be up in a few hours as he did not have any boob or formula. (I supplement as formula is fattier and tends to put Leo out quicker then breast milk) I know there are purists out there, the anti-formulistas but when you are sleep deprived you got to go with what works!
He woke up at 9:30 got fed,4:30 am stared at his dad and lay in the crib, 5:15 am up and fed. I knew something was wrong when he fussed with his food at 9:00 am. It took 45 minutes to get him to sleep in the bouncer. However, when he was up he was up!

Leo has been awake since 10:15 am. I did everything that I know to get to him sleep again. I even "let him cry" but it did not work. As I started writing this post and nursed him (I have to multi task) he got quiet and eventually started to fall asleep. I suppose just giving him a boob and white noise (typing on key pad) was the trick.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wait, wait dont tell me

Every week, Maximo downloads the new pictures of Leo from the SIM card onto the computer. After he downloads them, he emails the photos off to his father in Argentina. Maximo's dad, Leo's abuelo Andres has not yet met his first grandchild. When will he meet Leo? I have no idea.

According to Abuelo Andres, things in Argentina are "muy mal." The Argentine government has "borrowed" people's pensions. Crime is on the rise. There is actually less violent crime in Argentina then the U.S. Its alarmed Abuelo Andres enough that he fears traveling. We hope he comes here before too long.

Tonight, Leo's grandma watched him so we could go out together sans. We went to a sushi restaurant in old town Scottsdale. The city of Scottsdale is all lit up with Christmas lights. It makes the town look pretty. Its also a reminder of the poor state of the U.S. economy.

At dinner, we reflected on this being our first Thanksgiving together in the U.S. since 2005. The last 2 years in Argentina, our expat friends and I would get together and have Thanksgiving dinner (see Nov. 2007 post). I am happy to be able to spend Thanksgiving together with Maximo and Leo and my immediate family.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


FELICIDADES EEUU! Its unbelievable after 8 long years of "W" nonsense finally a president that appears to have the interests of the American people and not his own pockets/coffers. Leo and I watched as the votes came in. It was not only a win but a landslide. It was the biggest voter turnout since women got the right to vote!

I pray that once in office obama will make good on election promises, those he campaigned on. He has a tall order to fill. I dont think I need to reiterate all the challrnges facing him and the new congress. For the moment, I can just be happy and hopeful that things are going to turn around.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Leo had his first halloween. He started the day off by carving the pumpkin he picked out from the pumpkin patch. In the earlier part of the day he wore his skeleton costume and lunched with his girlfriend, Amelia. That nigh he attended a Halloween party. The party was outside and we were able to people watch. One of the scariest costumes was the grim reaper. There were the usual witches, cowboys and one of his friends was Curious George. He was pretty exhausted and we went home early. We watched the Jack-o-lantern light up the backyard. (see photo) The following day we took the pumpkin seeds and roasted them. A special shout out and thank you to Kelli for the recipe.

Now, we can go on to concentrate on the election. Arizona had early voting and mail in ballots. Unfortunately, I did not find out the information until it was too late. I will go around 5:30 am on Tuesday to vote. The polls open up at 6:00 am but I dont want to risk waiting in line all day. According to friends, the wait for early voting was over 5 hours!! I am glad people are getting out to vote. It will be interesting to see what unfolds. At this time next week we will have a new president!

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York