Monday, March 23, 2009

Leo vamos el manzana grande

We spent the past weekend in NYC. We came in for my first cousin's daughter bat mitzvah. Is that my second cousin, once removed? Anyway, we had the privilege of connecting with so many friends and it was amazing to be in NYC.

We stayed with our friends, Marnie and Jon and their groovey kids (simone, ariel and Ben)in tribeca. I am adding an aside that I introduced Marnie and Jon to one another and they have been together over 15 years. (matchmaker, matchmaker) Also, Arielle is a gifted tap dancer.

We were really there for the bat mitzvah, I swear but we got in a couple of visits with some old friends. We saw Karen Wolfe all the way from Brooklyn bearing bagels, lox and whitefish salad. Louise who we met in Argentina came from the Lower East Side.
We lunched with Anna and Kelli at Odeon where the waitress pointed out that our tuna burgers came with french fries. Anna and Kelli in their awesome sense of humor advised waitress "we are not dieting." I am paraphrasing.

The Homewood Suites where we had a pre-paid reservation decided to cancel our reservation as we did not stay on thursday night. The hotel said we could pay for another night. We chose not to stay in the fashionable Long Island town of Melville and stay at Chez Berk-silvan. As of this morning, I am busy calling Hilton and writing letters to get the charges reversed and its not going too well.

Laterr in the evening, Max and I got to have Marnie's babysitter watch Leo while we had dinner in a restaurant. That was a treat. We met Lisa and Kelli at Nobu next door. I guess its the "cheaper" Nobu?

On Saturday we woke up and hustled out to Huntington Jewish Center where we missed only 90 mins of a four hour bat mitzvah service. Leo did get to hang with his cousins, a highlight. There was a great deal of pushing and grabbing for appetizers. As it was Shabbat, no musical instruments could be used. Thus, the music was performed acapella. It was beautiful singing.

The noise, all the people, etc put Leo into overdrive so we left early. My well meaning Aunt Dorothy advised me Leo's socks were too small and they were cutting off his circulation. She also asked Maximo to take care of me and to write her.

We were pooped after 2 days of being in NYC so we had a family night at chez Berk Silvan. We ordered in some pizzas from Gigino which were excellent. Leo's tias Sarah, Kelli and Lisa all showed up for fun and games. Tio Sergio and Tia Sarah came in from Brooklyn.

We got back last night and we are all off our schedule. It was hotel reservation snafu and all a great trip.

Viaje a Nueva York

Viaje a Nueva York